Monday, December 13

Monday Music - It's My Life... The Original

This is where it all began (personally one of my fave articles ever!!).

Music is SO important to the happiness of my home. :)

Now most Monday mornings when the working week looms I'll try to post a fave song or some music I'm listening to at the moment to provide some musical motivation.

So my little groovers......... here's today's installment!


This is another of my favourite songs from the '80's! I used to bop around to this one in my bedroom, but I also loved watching it on the tele as well because of all the animals in the clip. Great polar bear!

Gwen Stefani did her version of it a while back, but I've always preferred this one.

So, here we have Talk Talk, with 'It's My Life'.

And don't forget, if you're looking for more great music, Bec over at Memory Garden often has a lovely song to listen to on Mondays as well!

And, as always when thinking of our 'Musical Must Haves' section...

Ask yourself: 'Do I L.O.V.E music?'

Which leads to: 'Have I got enough of it in my home and in my life?'

Because: Good interior design caters to ALL our senses, not just our eyes.... that's why I call it 'Atmospheric Design' instead!

Linda. xox

The Original Musical Must Have:


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  1. Me too, I have always prefered this one. Usually I don't like covers, there just a few exceptions. This one was great! I don't remember how old I was when it came out, but I guess sometime during high school years. Oh God.

    39 is the new 22. Because I say so.


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