Monday, December 13

Is It A Real Bear?...

Nope..... it's a bean bag!

How cute is this!

The first time I saw it, I did a double take.

Linda. xox


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  1. I can't believe this!! So cute!! It looks like a real bear, I wonder what size this bag is. I imagine it to be really big, but I guess it's quite small instead.

    When I was a little girl in one of my favorite toy shop in my neighbourhood they had a GIANT stuffed bear sitting in the window shop. Children used to go and sit between his legs and forget about all the other wonderful toys. I still dream about buying that bear!

  2. coool !
    notice that it's asleep in what looks like a bed of four leaf clover ...

  3. That is amazing ... I definitely want a lovely sleeping bear like that!! :)

    I'm pretty sure it's dangerous for me to visit you here (not really), as all I seem to do is fall in love with everything you blog about and then I WANT IT ALL! ;)

  4. This is super cute.

    I thought it was a painting.

  5. aw how cute is that!! Thogh I may feel a little funny sitting on him and tereby squashinghis head lol I think I could manage having him as a nice addittion to the lounge room though :)


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