Tuesday, November 30

These Amazing Prints 'Had Me At Hello'.... Great For The Office Or Kids' Rooms!

Whilst browsing Two Ellie the other day, I came across her post about these sensational prints!

I swear, if I keep finding such amazing stuff on Etsy I'm going to have to give myself a good talking to because there's so many talented people out there whose work I want to buy! My home would be crammed to the brim if I caved in to every impulse, but boy do I think these prints from Berkley Illustration are a standout.


Humorous yet dignified.

Infused with personality.

Eye-catching and a conversation piece!

I can just imagine the lion, the cheetah, the elephant, and many of the others gracing the office wall of an executive or CEO! What a great way to inject some tongue in cheek humour into the otherwise terribly high octane and stressed out world of top office dwellers!

Let's get rid of the stuffiness office dwelling can create and inject some wonderful yet dignified mischief. :)

If I walked into my accountant's office and saw one of these on the wall I think I'd immediately feel comfortable and more at home rather than on edge and jittery about whether or not I've got my columns added up correctly!

They'd be great for kids' rooms as well. Such character in each drawing...... and kids adore animals with personality.

I myself have a soft spot for owls (as you know by now), racoons, foxes, deer, and too many other animals to mention.....

...... and I can just see a whole row of these (lets say 7) down a hallway all very simply, yet elegantly framed.

Wow, what an impression that would make! And, what a conversation starter!

Or, how about a group of them as a welcoming committee in the front entrance - all very seriously yet cheekily looking on as your visitors open the door and set foot inside!

You can see all these and more at Berkley Illustration's amazing Etsy shop.

Ask yourself: 'Do the pictures in my home add something to the atmosphere? Do they strike a chord with me and resonate in some way?'

Which leads to: 'Are they in the best position for myself and others to feel their effect?'

Because: Pictures shouldn't be bought only as an investment, because they're by someone famous, or they're trendy at the moment. They should bring something to the vibe and atmosphere of your home, an added touch that would otherwise be absent. Your home isn't a gallery, it's a place to celebrate the things that bring you joy!!

Linda. xox


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  1. These are gorgeous while being whimsical and just plain fun! Thanks for telling me about this lovely shop! I will check it out!

  2. Oh my gosh, I NEED that deer! Off to her shop right now! XX!

  3. These are sooo cute!! I love when animals are portraited as humans, It makes me laugh and gives me a sense of respect. They are just like us, after all. All they miss is clothes. For the same reason I am a big fan of Beatrix Potter. Full clothed rabbits, how cute are they? And of course, I would hang these in my living room, good art is good art and it should be hanged everywhere no matter what the subject is!!
    I agree with you: if my accountant had one of these on her walls I'd feel more serene. She has lists of laws and taxes to pay. Scaring.


  4. These are absolutely gorgeous ... I want one of each of them ... surely you're never too old to be obsessed with woodland critters? ;)

  5. I actually have one of them. I won it in a giveaway! What a great idea to have a group of them, definitely a conversation starter!

  6. You're welcome Ann. :)

    Shari, that deer is oh so perfect for you... it even has blue on!

    Agreed Tracey - never too old!!

    Jutta, lucky you! I wish I had one of them. That was certainly a great give-away to win!

    And Bobbi, your accountant does sound a bit scary, or stuffy at least. Lists of laws and taxes - bleh!

    Linda. xox

  7. As the first image appeared on my screen, the first thing I thought of was The Wind In The Willows.

    Great pics.

    Sandy K


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