Tuesday, December 14

A Bright And Beautiful Home With Subtle Yet Delightful Christmas Decorations...

It's been a while since we've visited a home from the lovely Micasa Revista, so here's a real beauty to wander around!

This light filled, beautifully designed home has touches of my favourite colours all over the place, as well as some subtle yet delightful Christmas decorations.

Simple, elegant, uplifting, and vibrant.

Love it.

Linda. xox

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  1. Oh my! This is definitely one of my favorite homes ever, which I don't usually say. There is so much to love about it. It's so full of life, yet well-organized and modern. So inviting. Great pops of color. Whimsical tree in the living room. Love the bookcases and art walls. Yum. I wish I could move right in.

  2. I really like the wood tree. and even though red is my favourite colour, that electric blue Tolix chair is beautiful.

    Sandy K

  3. Icould deinately settle down in that house! I really love all the white with splashes of wood and colour, especially the little bits of red.

  4. And let's talk about the outside...because not only they have an amazing house inside, but they also seem to have an incredible garden!!! I wonder how come some people have it all. Even the children are cute.
    There is nothing I don't like about this house, classic and modern, and cold and warm colors...everything is so perfecrtly dosed it's hard to believe it's true.
    The Tolix chair is wonderful and I love blue!

  5. Gosh, how beautiful ... I'm pretty sure I want to live in all the places you feature! ;)

    I think the last image is my favourite - it looks cozy, clean and beautiful all at once.


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