Friday, December 17

1 Simple Thing - A Floating Feather...

I have a bit of a 'thing' about feathers. Not quite a fully fledged 'thing', but a 'thing' none-the-less.

I have a little collection of them in an orange vase on the bookcase in my living room.

Maybe it's because of my fascination with owls and the beautiful feathers they can have... maybe it's connected to my country wanderings as a child where I'd pick up all manner of things, including feathers of all sorts... or maybe it's because I used to love collecting the feathers that had fallen from our chooks as they went about their daily business.

Whatever the reason, pictures or items featuring feathers make me stop and stare.

I think they're beautiful.

Happy weekend everyone!

Linda. xox



  1. I understand - feathers are rather amazing, aren't they? I wonder... would we be flying if we had developed feathers...? :)
    have a Great Weekend!
    PS. Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  2. I love feathers too ... like you though, I don't think I've officially declared them to be a 'thing' for me yet ... though I'm sure that day will come.

    I think I love them because they're natural, unique and have often travelled long journeys to reach us.

    I love that you keep your collection in a vase ... that's lovely! :)

  3. I love feathers too. We had a parrot named Cory, a wonderful bird that was taken away illegaly from Brazil: when my mom rescued him he was sad and skinny and had no colors in his feathers. After a few months of treats and cuddles he gained weight and began to have wonderful feathers, like little rainbows. When season changed he had new feathers and lost the old one and my mom had kept them all in a vase. Poor Cory is not here anymore, but his colors are still there. We cannot look at that vase and avoid smiling, and i wish we humans could leave behind us such a wonderful remainder of who we were.


    I could leave behind me a pair of sweatpant covered with paint. You know my addiction to paint...

  4. What a beautiful picture. Life holds so many simple surprises!

    Just visiting through Journey Mom. :)

  5. Oooh, a give-away Ann, I'm on it!

    Bobbi - that's such a beautiful and delightful story about Cory!! I love how you talk about his feathers being like rainbows. I'm so glad you still have some to smile at! Lol about the paint! :)

    And Tracey, I loved how you talked about feathers having travelled a long journey to reach us.

    That rings true for me, even though I'd never conciously thought of it that way - thanks for opening my mind about my fascination.

    If you look at it that way, it almost hooks into my fascination with maps and globes in a strange way..... journeying... travelling..... discovering and exploring.... all sentiments that could tie in somehow.

    City Mom, so lovely to *meet* you!! Thanks for popping by and saying hello!

    Linda. xoxo


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