Monday, November 29

Simple Displays Can Be Showcased Anywhere!

What a difference and a lift the colourful books on display make to this kitchen.

I use my books in a similar fashion. Wherever I deem a little dash of colour is required, it's easy to pick out a few books in the colours I want, and pop them in a stack, or standing up, to give that injection of colour I'm after.

I've been known to buy a book based almost entirely on how its front cover looks because it's perfect for a colour scheme I have in mind.

Little mini masterpieces books.... you can move them from room to room, you can stack and re-arrange them, they come in heaps of different colours and designs, and you don't have to hang them on a wall to display them.

I think only one other thing comes close to their versatility, and with minimum maintenance attached. Can you guess what I'm thinking of?

Flowers are pretty great for an instant lift too.

Linda. xox

P.S: The display of rolling pins is absolutely lovely as well. Don't you think? Simple, eye-catching, and a real conversation piece.

P.P.S: Keep your eyes peeled for November's Lovely Links post. I'll put it up within the next few days so you can link up lots of your favourite posts from November.



  1. Oh that is a gorgeous kitchen, I love the rolling pins! I'd love to do up our kitchen, it's all so dark & uninspiring..maybe that's why I don't like to cook!

  2. My kitchen is so tiny I could never dispaly anything just to have some style. There isn't even enough space for all the paltes and the pans...I would love to have a kitchen lòike this. I mean, look at that fridge!!!
    have a nice monday!

  3. Hej Linda

    LOVE the display of rolling pins...I'm inspired

  4. Oh yes, I agree. I always plan where the books will be in every room, mostly for convenience but also for looks. I had this picture up on my screen for a while when you first posted this. Books just add instant character though I've not been savvy enough to remove dust jackets. I'll have to try that.

  5. The first thing that caught my eye was the rolling pins.

    The book niche is perfect. What's the point of having cook books if they aren't where you need them? This is perfect

    Sandy K


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