Thursday, November 11

Silence Is Important Too..

From my own book - Taking Time To Just Be

Linda. xox


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  1. this is so true...i have music playing all the time, but sometimes all i need is a little silence. it relaxes me so much. there are things, like cleaning the house or drawing, that i could never do without music. but i need my moments of silence, not only when i do yoga.


    what do you mean with "from my own book" ? did you write it? if it's a yes i want to buy a copy!!

    few days back sabino made me spill coffee over my keybord wich is now not workkng like it should. i deleted the previous comment because words where written double times and i don't know how it happened!! the twilight zone!

  2. Oh gawd no, I didn't write it! It's a Helen Exley gift book... I have two of them, both full of lovely quotes! I took a pic with my camera and fiddled with it over at to give it a border etc! Came out a touch blurry, but not too bad!

    My blog isn't working properly tonight (background not loading etc), nor is my email again (had probs a while back), so it's not a good night for either of us computer wise!!

    Cats have a habit of doing naughty things like that - gotta love 'em! Must have had some weird key pressed down or something - lol!

    Linda. xx

  3. yes, also the buttons of your site on my blog don't work. someone is messing with blogger australia, i suppose.

    i guess you should write a book then.


    i'm soo buying a new keyboard this afternoon. dyslexia and a not working keyboard is not a good combination.

  4. Nope, not blogger Aus, it's my hosting company. I had issues a month or so ago where I couldn't get into my email for around 5 days.... it was a nightmare and took ages to get sorted.

    Because those images are externally hosted on their servers, including my background (don't ask me how that works.... my designer - who's fab - did it that way), then they all fail if their server is having probs.

    My hosting company's site is also down, so I have no way of contacting them to get things fixed.

    I hate it, because as you said, anyone who has my buttons on their site will find them not working, and that looks yuck and upsets me on their behalf as well.

    It looks like I'll be changing hosts as soon as my designer (who's on holidays wouldn't you know it) gets back and we can organise things. It stuffs up my actual website too, so it's just no good.

    Anyhow, enough grumping on my part!! At least the rest of the blog is still visible. Very sorry my buttons looks icky on your blog though... and anyone else who has them on theirs. My apologies.

    Linda. x

  5. Silence is a precious commodity around my home with two little ones! :-) I completely treasure the hours after they've gone to sleep for the opportunity to think without interruption though I think I may have mastered the art of meditating even with yelling in the background.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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