Friday, November 12

Incredible Photograph...

What an amazing photo this is!


I could see a photo like this in a simple frame on my wall.


My Hobbit give-away is still feeling a bit dejected..... be sure to enter if you'd like a new copy on your bookshelf!

Happy weekend everyone!

Linda. xox


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  1. I love lighthouses. I always wanted to live in one. Maybe not during a storm like that...scaring! I live in open country and when there are storms here the wind is so strong that the table and chairs in my garden are thrown on the fence, and the glass on my windows tremble like it's going to go down. It's crazy but I love it. My cats, not so much. The only moment of peace at the cottage with my cats is when there are storms and they all get under the bed. I can't imagine if the nine of us would live in a lighthouse and have storms like that one. It's an amazing picture.

  2. This is Nubble Lighthouse in York Beach, Maine.
    It's so beautiful.


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Linda. xx

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