Wednesday, November 10

2 Gorgeous Rooms Inspired By Nature... So Serene and Calm...

I just love the atmosphere and vibe oozing from these rooms.

So full of peace and calm.

Nurturing, replenishing, and natural.

And, they include a few of my favourite things.... butterflies, tree inspired objects, books.

Simple, uncluttered, and comfortable.

Linda. xox


P.S. My Hobbit give-away is feeling lonely...... only 3 entries so far.  I think a poll may be in order to decide what to do about the rest of The Year Of The Hobbit!! Still plenty of time to enter if you'd like a new book for your collection!


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  1. The second photo doesn't even look real! It's amazing! I totally agree with you - a feeling of peace and calm pervades both!
    Blessings for a great day!

  2. I wouldn't mind having that view from my windows either....

  3. I am in total awe of that second photo. The room mirrors that grand sea view in so many ways, from that flowing design on the rug to the undulating lines of the chairs. Oh, absolute perfection!

  4. You are my tree/wood twin! That bedside table is to die for! :) xo

  5. Lovely tranquil rooms. Just saw your comment on The Design Files. Looks like an amazing store. Charmaine

  6. the view in the second picture is so calming. i wish i could have a window overlooking a river, a lake, or the sea.
    one day.
    right now i have lovely white ducks running around in the grass in front of my house, and you know how much i love ducks.


  7. I love tree inspired objects too! What great rooms, I'd like ot have them both please!

  8. I love ducks!! And trees.... there are a lot of we 'tree twins' out there I think. I'm finding more and more as I spend longer on the web. Such wonderful things trees. :)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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