Friday, November 12

Good Grief This Is Lovely.... A Special Pic For Booklovers!

I found Carrie's blog via one of my favourite blogs House of Turquoise about 4 minutes ago (seriously), and this picture just jumped out at me - so exciting!!! I just 'had' to post it straight away.

Can you see what I'm gobsmacked by?

Yes the black and white palette is divine, the accessories are gorgeous, but LOOK AT THE WALLPAPER!

My goodness that wallpaper is 'fine'.

Linda. xox

P.S. Speaking of books... time is running out!


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  1. Of course, I think it's divine. I would love to have a wall just like this in my home, though then people might think they're in the library with so many actual books sitting around as well.

  2. Glad to see your blog is working again.
    This room is fantastic, I am so in love with black walls lately. And the deer with the ribbon is fun. Usually I don't like fake heads hanging on walls, but this is cute. I want that wallpaper!!
    Have a great week end!

  3. Oh yes Linda the wallpaper looks amazing and the blackboard wall - well that just sets everything off nicely.
    I really love the deer head too, the ribbon gives it such a sweet and fun feel.

  4. I love the lamp mounted on the chalkboard!
    Your blog is amazing...I love the theme of it and MUSIC is so fun! Especially when it is reallyyyy loud ;)

  5. thanks so much for the shout out Linda!! Totally love your blog too.

  6. Thanks for the lovely compliment Auntie Bliss and Carrie! And, you're welcome Carrie, your blog is lovely too. :)

    Linda. xx


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Linda. xx

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