Wednesday, October 6

Through My Kitchen Window...

Over at Julie's lovely blog Swedish House, she's just started a 4 week 'link up' series called 'Tuesday Through The Window'!

Everyone's invited to link up with a picture through one of their windows, or a favourite window elsewhere.

Julies's window picture is absolutely divine. She has a little road leading to a gate, lots of green grass, and loads of lovely trees and forest.

Mine is a little closer in - lol. I live in a unit, so I don't have much outdoor space. My next door neighbour's side fence is about a 2 metres away. BUT, I do have enough room to have a couple of Golden Wattle trees planted between my home and the fence!! The only window I can see them out of is my kitchen window..... so there's something gorgeous to look at while I'm standing at the sink doing chores, which is lovely, because I hate doing the dishes!.

Here's my window.....

If you have a window in your home, or a favourite window from somewhere else that you'd like to link up, head over to Swedish House and join in the party!

Linda. xox

P.S: I'll be back later on today with a 'modernistic' home that's got sheep in its living room!

P.P.S: And, tomorrow I'll show you the inside of the kitchen area in the continuation of my 'Quotes Around My Home' journey.

Oh, and don't forget to throw your hat in the ring for the 'Hobbit Give-away'. It finishes on Saturday, and there's only around 13 entries so far, so you've got a good chance of winning!


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  1. I LOVE wattle! What a gorgeous sight, and your glasses are quite lovely too...

  2. It is a MUST, when you can, to have a window to look out while doing the dishes! I especially like your tree view framed by those colorful glass accessories (in my favorite colors, too!). It would inspire me to endless daydreaming.

  3. Thanks LTC and Minnie! I have quite a few pieces of ruby glass... part of the 'red' truckload of items throughout my home - lol.

  4. Yes, those glasses are beautiful...and jessie leaves them where they are? Good girl. My glasses are closed in a cabinet, and i had to put a rubber to keep the handels together and the doors shut. My cats are trained thieves.
    I like the view from your window! When I do the dishes I look at the the tiles, it's the only thing I have in front of me. And they're never clean enough. I like this project a lot, I think I'll post my picture too!

  5. Yep, Jessie leaves them alone! I have lots of little bits and pieces around and she's never been a bother with any of them. The only things she jumps up on are the sofa, the beds, and the dining room chairs. She's a very good girl!!

    Can't wait to see your window if you post it!

    Linda. x :)

  6. Hej Hej Linda

    Thank you for sharing your view.
    I don't have a sink infront of my kitchen windows and is so nice to look out and see and contemplate when doing the dishes.
    Your Red Glass display is wonderful...the colours here at the window the striking red glass, the subtle amber lidded glass and the contrast against the yellow trees really do create a vibrant 'Autumnal vignette'.
    I have really enjoyed the first
    Thank you


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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