Tuesday, October 26

A Bunch Of Beautiful Bookends.... And A Happy Tree!!

Oh my, when I came across these astonishingly fab bookends on the blog 'We Heart Books', my eyes lit up!

I've long wanted a gorgeous pair of bookends.... and the aim for a while has been to get some of those wooden bookends where one is the letter A, and the other is the letter Z.

Well, move over letters, I've got a new bookend crush.

Look at these woodland creatures!

You know how I looove, trees and leaves. Not to mention owls, squirrels, acorns, and all things 'woodsy' or 'foresty'.  Well, Etsy shop Graphic Spaces has just become my new 'mecca' for wooden bookends.

I know these are probably mainly intended for a child's bedroom, but hey, bugger that!! They'd look pretty darn comfortable in my living room. Especially the tree bookends... they're grown up enough to look appropriately 'adult' whilst still being a bit whimsical at the same time.

And, OH, MY GOODNESS look.... there's also a 'Happy Tree Bookshelf'!

Be still my beating heart.

This would have to be a delight for any child who's into books wouldn't it? How I wish I'd been able to have something like this as a little girl in love with trees and books at the same time. Simply gorgeous. And, so beautifully made too.

What do you think - fabulous, yes?

Visit Graphic Spaces' delightful Etsy shop full of woodland surprises right here.

Linda. xox


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  1. YES - fabulous indeed! What a find. Love them.

  2. *GASP* They are gorgeous!! I am lad no-one is home or they'd have wondered what I was doing out here lol I am putting them on the xams wishlist.

  3. ohhh yeh !

    do you suppose they could just send a container load over for us all - maybe we could become the australian distributers ......

  4. Amazing!! I want them all in my living room. Especilally the happy tree!!! So cute!! Sometimes design is cool but designers often forget how important it is to make a piece of design that makes us smile. I don't care to feel cool, I want to feel happy!! How can you not be happy when you have a smiling owl keeping your books from falling? I think we all should do a revolution and deccorate our places like one big child room. I bet we would all be less frustrated.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! You all are so kind! Thank you so much, Linda, for this lovely post about our products. I'm the founder and designer of Graphic Spaces. We are a new family company with a mission to make people smile! Again, thank you all for the wonderful comments and encouragement!
    —Many Blessings, Christy

  6. I have two sets of wooden lowercase a and z bookends buried somewhere in storage in my parents' garage. These are the bees knees. Just gorgeous designs. Checking out Graphic Spaces etsy shop now.

    Sandy K

    P.S. Thanks Linda for the info on the Gnomes book, trying to track a decent but not exorbitantly priced copy down.

  7. Oh my! FABULOUS, YES!! :D

    I have a total 'woodland animal' obsession and these are divine.

    I'm supposed to be relaxing before heading to bed, and now you show me these lovelies ... I'll be dreaming of them now!! (not that I'm complaining).

  8. These are gorgeous - I've never seen anything like them before!!

    I was such an avid reader as a child that I would have loved the Happy Tree Bookshelf :)

    But I'm with you...why should kids have all the fun? Plenty of these bookends would add a nice touch of whimsy to most adult homes :)

  9. These bookends are adorable, and that tree-shaped bookcase is spectacular. Unfortunately, I have too many bookcases as it is so this will have to go on the wish list for now.

  10. oooh, love them! I like that cute little fox too :)

  11. Bobbi - great choice of words there I think.... 'frustrated'. I reckon there's a lot of frustrated people in the world who don't really know they're frustrated, and if they do, they don't know what to do about it!

    Sandy, you're very welcome! Hope you can get your hands on a copy - it's such a truly wonderful book.

    And Christy, you are so welcome too! Your bookends and 'happy tree' are AWESOME!!

    Minnie, I love the pics you have on your blog with your 'reading scene of the week' where we can see your kids enjoying a book! Your home is such a great all-round environment for your kids, and I'm sure they'll grow up with a love for books and reading embedded in them.

    Linda. xx

  12. These are darling! Right up my 70s alley. Thanks for sharing!

    (fellow BYWer)


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