Monday, October 4

Monday Music - Manamana

This is where it all began (personally one of my fave articles ever!!).

Music is SO important to the happiness of my home. :)

Now most Monday mornings when the working week looms I'll try to post a fave song or some music I'm listening to at the moment to provide some musical motivation.

So my little groovers......... here's today's installment!


Today I have a song that harks waaaayyyyy back to my childhood. I used to watch Sesame Street every morning before school for years, and my mum would bring me my vegemite on toast, and sometimes a boiled egg and bread and butter fingers for brekkie (mmmmmmmm).

This is the original version of Manamana, and I laughed out loud when I found it a few weeks ago. It's the fault of the Swedish Chef, because I came across it when I stumbled on his videos for a post a while back.

The thing is, over the years, I've sung this little ditty alot! I've been in quite a few theatre shows (I perform in amateur musical theatre quite a bit) where it's been an 'in joke' amongst the cast to start up the 'manamana' refrain at any odd moment. Imagine what it's like with a room full of 'thespians' (and we're all slighty bonkers you know), doing the 'Manamana' part in crazy fashion - so much fun!

It's also very interesting to bust out a little 'Manamana' when there's a break in the conversation and see if the person you're talking to used to watch Sesame Street too... you usually end up having a good giggle.

Anyhow, enough rambling over a simple muppet discovery. Here it is....makes me happy.....

And, as always when thinking of our 'Musical Must Haves' section...

Ask yourself: 'Do I L.O.V.E music?'

Which leads to: 'Have I got enough of it in my home and in my life?'

Because: Good interior design caters to ALL our senses, not just our eyes.... that's why I call it 'Atmospheric Design' instead!

Linda. xox

P.S:  Bec over at the lovely 'Memory Garden' has some Monday Morning Music too!! Hop on over and listen if you'd like a 'beautiful day'!


The Original Musical Must Have:


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  1. hahaha very funny! It funny, the way I remember it sesame street and playschool were about the only cartoons I remembr watching, now there are sooo many all the time! I have linked to you in my Monday Morning Music as well xx

  2. Love this song! My mom bursts out and sings this every once in awhile :)

  3. Haha ... I adore that song too! :)

    (it's so catchy and happy).



I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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