Wednesday, October 20

3 Things To Love - The Work Of Paul Joseph Hopper

Whilst visiting The Way We Are the other day, I spotted a photo from the portfolio of interiors stylist Paul Joseph Hopper.

Intrigued I clicked over to his site and ...... wow! I love the work this guy does. Such lovely 'displays of affection', gorgeous colour palettes, interesting arrangements, and props... brilliant!

Together, the 3 images below contain butterflies, great cushions, books, a world globe, (all things I'm absolutely enamoured with), so I just HAD to feature them here. (I do prefer fake butterlflies to the real ones though).

The rooms all look so fresh and cool too. We're just coming into the hot part of the year over here, so these rooms look very inviting!

A great 'stylist' at work.

What do you think?

Linda. xox


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  1. Love, Love, Love blue and whie colour scheme! I think that is definately my kinda interior decor. I really like your new layout as well :)

  2. Yes your new header is fab! These are lovely rooms, very relaxing. I'm in love with the chair in the first picture. I adore all shades of blue, especially when they are mixed together. Now I'm going to visit this stylist portfolio. Have a nice spring day (lucky girl!)

  3. Yes they're lovely ... the blue and white schemes are so fresh and so cool ... I feel like I want to 'dive' straight into those rooms! :)

  4. If I had to be honest, it's a little too 'busy' for my liking. i love all the individual pieces of furniture, but i wouldn't necessarily place them together. it's just a bit 'much'. i'm absolutely in love with the uniquely bold chair and tea table though!!



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