Monday, September 20

What's That I See In There?

Hey! When was the last time you looked, I mean really looked, at the things around you?

When did you last look somewhere you've always looked with a 'fresh pair of eyes'?

Hmmmm, what's in here?.....

Sometimes the greatest treasures are right under our noses.... we forget we have them until we re-focus, and take time to appreciate their goodness and the value they truly gift to us.

What about those books you haven't pulled out for ages? Or that cupboard you haven't peeked in for months (maybe years!)..... What's hiding in there?

How about re-reading some old letters? Or, getting out those old photo albums (remember those), and pouring over the pictures whilst enjoying a yummy treat and some great coffee!

Maybe those jigsaw puzzles you haven't touched for ages are something you could do together with one of your children? Or, maybe those paints you shoved to the back of a shelf ages ago could be salvaged and used for some fun with the kids too?

How about finding a new place in the garden to sit and admire the wonderful riches of nature. Heck..... even those pot plants you haven't paid much atttention to for a while are still growing and thriving (phew, time to give them some water)..... how gorgeous are they!?

Somtetimes we worry too much about the big things in life, when it's the little things we have around us (but have forgotten about or pushed to the back of our mind), that can bring us such simple and pure pleasure.

What is it you've 'forgotten about' that you can really 'look' at and appreciate today?

Linda. xox



  1. Oh these are so cute!
    Hope you had a great weekend doll!

  2. Absolutely correct! The little things add up all together to form all the greatest moments in life!
    These pictures couldn't be any sweeter!

  3. So very true :)
    And yet those big things are often considered so weighty in our day to day lives - and we let them be like that ! time for a change me thinks . . . .

  4. There is this yoga exercise that I always do that it's about sitting in a different place every time, then you close your eyes, you take a deep breath, you open up your eyes again and you look around you, remembering you're alive, REALLY looking around you. it's an instant lifter to the spirit. Also, when i feel a bit down, i take a minute, I look around and I name out loud all the things i'm seeing that I like. I like that rug, i like how shiny the floors are, i like that cloud in the sky, etc really makes me remember how lucky I was to be born on the right side of the planet...

  5. KF, We do let them get like that don't we..... it's our choice what we focus on!

    Bobbi, what wonderful ideas. I love your Yoga exercise and your way of naming all the things you like, a magnificent thing to do! It's a bit like saying 'today I am grateful for', or keeping a gratitude journal. I'm going to give the 'I like' exercise a try next time I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thanks!

    Linda. xox

  6. Love, Love, Love this post! Thanks Linda, this exactly the reason why I have linked to you through a lovely blog award :)Hope you make lots of lovely discoveries today.

  7. Hi Bec, and thanks so much! I'm honoured you've included me in your lovely list of blogs. There's so many great ones to visit that you've found.

    Linda. xox :)

  8. Thank you for this post! I have been feeling down lately and this has really made me think of how things aren't so bad :) perfect timing!


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Linda. xx

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