Tuesday, September 21

The Most Adorable Video I've Probably Ever Seen!

I haven't posted some lovely interior pics for a while, so I was all set to go with that today when I came across a list of lovely blogs over on Bec's beautiful 'Memory Garden'.

On that list was a link to Linda's lovely blog 'Two Pink Possums'...... and on that blog (funnily enough, dedicated to Bec, whose blog I'd come from), was THIS video.......

So adorable!

Pets are sooooo amazing to have around aren't they?!

Linda. xox


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  1. oh my goodness......this cute little ball of fluff almost looks unreal! i can't imagine how soft.....how sweet. i love baby animals...they are so pure and innocent. I used to work at a wildlife rehab and we got tons of orphaned rabbits,ducks, squirrels, and possums in almost daily. My favorites were always the possums....so tiny and sweet. I miss those days, but it was hard work!!
    Thank you for your kind words....they really do make my day:) I am glad to meet you:)

  2. It really is the sweetest little thing isnt it!? After watching that video the othe rday I wondered if our little bunny would do the same and wouldnt you know it he did! When he is sleepy he will happily lay on his back against your chest and if you pat his head long wnough he will go to sleep. It really is so heartwarming. Thanks for linking me xx

  3. Absolutely adorable. Definitely a video to watch when you need an extra dose of cuteness.

  4. i'm screaming. I love rabbits. I would like to adopt one, but I don't think my cats would agree. I think one day i could come back home to find the rabbit in the oven with potatoes...they're not vegetarian. This is the most adorable baby rabbit in the world.

  5. I watched this and then bolted off...but I meant to say that really is the sweetest thing. I totally went to goo while watching this:)


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