Thursday, September 2

Time For A Good Laugh - Ugly Furniture!


I was wandering around the internet a few days ago and came across the hoot of a video below whilst visiting the site Four Walls and A Roof!

Got a good chuckle out of it! Although (lean in close), there's 1 or 2 things in there I spied in the background I could probably make something of given half a chance (sshhh, don't tell anyone).

Here it is......

Linda. xox


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  1. I cannot believe this!!!
    I want to go in this shop. And buy. Yes buy. I can't resist people with a good sense of humor, they can make me do whatever they want.


  2. I know, I thought it was great! The voice of the guy who was narrating it reminded me of Robin Williams... very funny, and so energetic! You've gotta love people who can send themselves up!

  3. hahaha...Oh dear, I've missed heaps of great stuff! That was hillarious! I can think of a few warehouses that should advertise exactly that way:)


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