Wednesday, September 1

5 Chandeliers With Wow Factor!

You've gotta love a decorative (yet functional) accessory that adds pizzazz, wow factor, bold impact, and 'stop 'em in their tracks' looks to a room!

Here's a few slightly 'out there' chandeliers with the ability to add various gradients of wit, charm, drop dead attention seeking looks, and conversational opportunity to your home.....

All these fab images are from this page on Elle Decor.

If you've read a few of posts here on Heartfire At Home, and know me reasonably well, you can probably guess which one is my favourite..... narrow it down to 2 anyway.....

Which one do you like the best? (If any!)

Take a peek to find out how much each one costs, where you can get it, and see another 5 chandelier lovelies!

Linda. xox

P.S: As for which room I like the best.... that's a 'whole new ball game'. That orange chair is pretty darn groovy, don't ya think!

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  1. I would die to have the first one in one of my rooms at home. So cool!!
    A good chandelier makes half of the job in decorating a room. Great pictures. I think you like the two tree chandeliers...

  2. Loving the pirates boat chandelier! Great finds! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Wow these are all so stunning and eye catching! I love!


  4. I love the chandeleir Boat too! Awsome fittings!!:) xo


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Linda. xx

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