Wednesday, September 22

An Atmospheric Home With My Sort Of Vibe...

I love browsing sites like 1st Option and looking at all the utterly gorgeous homes they feature....

This one really took my eye due to its eclectic, historic, and classical vibe. Love the red dining room, and particularly adore the hallway with the leafy chandelier and the framed maps parading up the staircase.

I could really see myself living in a home like this..... it has my sort of atmosphere.

What do you think? Like it?

All images from here on 1st Option.

Linda. xox


Here's 3 more beautiful homes to wander through:
A Stunning Apartment With A Balcony...
Eclectic, Quirky, And Colourful - A Blast Of Fun In Basset Rd...
From The Man Who Designs The Impossible - The Ablitt House


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  1. I love that second home, the Bassett Rd one. I think I would wake up and feel like I was in a storybook!

  2. It's full of treasure, is why I like it:)

  3. My favorites are the first and the second pictures because I adore the light blue bookshelves, and the eighth for those blue drops coming down the chandelier...I'm obsessed with all shades of blue because it reminds me of water, wich is my favorite element. Love this post. Nice link, there a lot to look at!!

  4. Bec, I adore the Basset Rd house, so much fun!

    Bobbi, the blue you're going to use in your new shop is going to look utterly fantabulous!!! (My new word for a cross between fantastic and fabulous!)

    And, Nerine..... "Mmmmm, treasure my pretty, treasure". (Chanelling Gollum a bit I think!).

    Linda. xox

  5. The blue of the cabinets really stands out for me. I probably wouldn't use it personally, but it looks just gorgeous. It's almost got a chalky look.

    Also that chandelier with the blue drops is divine.

    Sandy K

  6. Oooh, I love this! Love all of the colors! So happy you stopped by LBD so I could find you, so happy to be your newest follower and will be back often! XX!

  7. I absolutely adore this home. It's so cozy and lived in. Minimalism just isn't for me, neither are cluttered rooms. Homes like these show that it's just a matter of curating well and not being afraid to inject personality into a room. I'll have to check out that site. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Shari, and thanks!! I love your blog... have been a follower for a while, and really enjoy your gorgeous images and posts!

    Minnie, you are sooooo on my wavelength - I hear ya! I love the word 'curate'... it's so inspiring to see a home with a well curated collection of curiosities I think!

    I'm the same, neither a minimalist nor a clutter lover. I like my things to be well ordered, but to create rooms that have a sense of 'life'.... of being lived in and adored.

    Linda. xox


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Linda. xx

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