Tuesday, September 7

A Hanging Globe, And A Map To Cover A Wall!

Found the lovely online store of Cox and Cox the other day, and these 2 items really 'had me at hello!'

From Cox and Cox: 'This exclusive retro hanging globe is sure to provide an interesting talking point about the world as it was. The faded colourway gives that authentic vintage feel, and a bold green and white dashed line clearly marks the equator. It comes with a length of natural coloured string and a decorative fixing bead. Perfect for the study or a teenagers bedroom.'

From Cox and Cox: 'This is the most amazing wall covering – a whole world map in colour. A really generous size which can be trimmed to your own wall dimensions - it’s so original and is sure to inspire a few young explorers. It will appeal to any age of child or teenager and is a really different, high impact approach for decorating a bedroom or the den.'

I know it talks about them being great for a child's room or a teenager's wall..... but hey, I'd love them in many other rooms besides those!!

I think the world map would be great in a family dining area..... you could chat about the world and point to places on the map over yummy family meals together!

I wouldn't mind one in a family room either....... great to get involved with some geography type games rather than just zoning out in front of the T.V. all the time.

But then again, maybe I'm biased!

Linda. xox


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  1. I've been looking for the wall map for my sons room for ages, I love it. Thanks for the link, I'm off to check it out...

  2. that is fantastic, I really love the idea of a whole wall map!

  3. I love map walls and I've intended "map" one whole wall of the study with it. Will benefit the kids tremendously. Love the hanging globe!

  4. I love maps. I always had maps around the house. In my current place I still haven't found the right kind of map: given the age of the house , an old style or vintage map woul be perfect...but they are sooo expensive!! I like the hanging globe, globes are my obsession too. They make me travel around the world with my imagination...


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Linda. xx

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