Wednesday, July 7

A Stunning Apartment With A Balcony - When Can I Move In?

Another Mi Casa Revista gem... this apartment just radiates a fresh, clean, joyous vibe.  LOVE the mix of furniture types; the clear, bright light streaming in from outside; the gorgeous touches of earthy wood.

And, am completely enamoured by the huge wall size glass splashback in the kitchen. I've always wanted a glass splashback, and this one's amazing!

The clawfoot bath is pretty stunning too.... did you see the feet on it?

And, the swoon worthy wooden floors..... beautiful.

Linda. xox

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  1. ohh. i love it. that just radiates " no children".xxx

  2. The kitchen is especially beautiful...
    Why can't we all have a house like this??
    i've been trying to renovate and redecorate my house for years now, but it's a hard job to do on my own. Then I see places like this one where everithing looks so simple....and I go mad.

  3. Lol Catherine and Angelina!!!

    Sometimes 'simple' is a really hard look to achieve I think Bobbi!

  4. I guess we will be roommates
    I love the backsplash and the floors!!

  5. I didn't know that that was called a glass splashback! It is very cool! The whole thing gives off homey, peaceful vibes.

  6. I like the white walls with the wood furniture look. How come I cant get white to look like that? Oh..that's right I have kids. :)


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