Monday, August 30

Monday Music - Beth

This is where it all began (personally one of my fave articles ever!!).

Music is SO important to the happiness of my home. :)

Now most Monday mornings when the working week looms I'll try to post a fave song or some music I'm listening to at the moment to provide some musical motivation.

So my little groovers......... here's today's installment!


Today I'm featuring my favourite KISS song of all time. Yep.... I used to love KISS, I admit it. But who would've thought they'd ever produce something like this.


And, what's more, at the end of this video he says "God bless you all Australia, thank you so much Melbourne"! So this was filmed just down the road from me!

Here it is.... Beth:

And, as always when thinking of our 'Musical Must Haves' section...

Ask yourself: 'Do I L.O.V.E music?'

Which leads to: 'Have I got enough of it in my home and in my life?'

Because: Good interior design caters to ALL our senses, not just our eyes.... that's why I call it 'Atmospheric Design' instead!

Linda. xox

The Original Musical Must Have:



  1. Given the sylie of your blog posts I would never guessed you like Kiss. I'm trying to imagine Paul stanley sitting on that dock from two posts ago.
    I can't. You shock me Linda...
    But they were fun!!

  2. When I think of KISS I think of t-shirts - seemd every boy had one back then - and smiley icecreams:)

  3. LOL!!!!!!!

    I love to shock people.....hehehe. I did used to love KISS. My musical tastes range pretty far and wide. About the only things I don't like are heavy metal and thrash (yuck), some country, some rap and hip hop, and yodelling!! Not too fussed about 'trance' music either.

    I can't really imagine Paul or Gene or Ace or any of them sitting on that dock, no...... but who knows what they did without their make-up on!! (Well, except for Gene, I think it's fairly well documented what he was like).

    One of them wrote that lovely ballad though... so there's some softness in there somewhere.

    I used to dance like a mad thing at the disco when I was young (still do on occasion!). I also used to help 'roadie' for a rock band in my younger years (my boyfriend at the time did lights for them and I hung around and helped out a bit. I was even on hand once helping INXS to bump in to a show - they are a famous Aussie band).

    Does this mean I don't seem like the type to have tattoos either?????

    Linda. :) :0

  4. I loved INXS. Michael Hutchence was hot.
    And now i want to know everything about your tattoos...

  5. Hehe.... well, they all mean something to me personally, and they're all only small. One is a butterfly, one's a bluebird singing, and one's a purple four leaf clover! All in various generally unseen places, although the clover is on my ankle, so it gets seen a little bit!

    The bluebird one was designed by me... it's a copy of the bluebird on a necklace my mum and dad gave me when I was 9 years old. I still have the necklace (gold heart with the bluebird on it), but it's a bit worse for wear now.

    So I'm not covered in them or anything, but most people are very surprised to hear I have any, let alone 3!

    Have you got any??


  6. I've been thinking about getting a tatto since i was was a very rebellious act at the time. I didn't because i get bored very easily and have to change everything continuosly, so the idea of having a permanent image on my body does not convince me. If they invent removable tattoo i will get a turtle on my right foot, and a bear on the left: the turtle is soft but with a strong armor, loves the water and it's solitaire. The bear is big and strong, lives a solitaire life in the woods and loves water too. I broke my right foot three times, so it needs a little armor, and the left one is a bit bigger and never gave me problems. I have clear ideas about my tattoo, i just can't get decided.

  7. I love the sound of your tattoos Bobbi! Very personal and such great symbolism behind them. You're right, you are very clear about what you want. You'll love them when you finally get them!

    I got my first tattoo when I was 30. Myself and 2 other close friends were all celebrating our 30th birthdays, so we decided to go and get our tattoos together... it was almost like a tattoo party!!!! All of us were set up in the same room with 3 different tattoo artists, we had the stereo blaring.... it was great!! My tattoo guy's name was Tiny, and he was the hugest man I have ever seen - lol.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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