Saturday, August 28

Eclectic Home Full Of Pattern, Warmth, and Colour... And It's For Sale!

I came across this gorgeous apartment in New York whilst blog travelling the other day. The owner writes the fab blog Trail Of Inspiration, and has lived in this wondrous space for 14 years. You can see her in the last picture creating her art on the kitchen floor!

I just adore the eclectic nature of it.... the artwork, the patterns, the colours. It resonates with a much loved, nurturing, and vibrant atmosphere. And, that nook... wow!!

So, if perchance you live in the great NY, and you're looking to buy a new apartment, take a look at this one!

I could sooooo live here..... if only I lived in New York and had a much bigger bank account!

Linda. xox



  1. i could not live in an apartment anymore because I'm addicted to my garden, but I often think i would like to buy a small place in my hometown just to go back every now and then to visit my friends and not having to ask to stay over at someone's place...if i was a millionaire and if my hometown was New York this could be an option!! I love the Morroccan inspired nook. Unfortunately i'm not rich and i'm from Milan, so I can just save this to my design folder...

  2. These spaces are so fun. They did eclectic the right way!


  3. I love the warmth and I can only wish that I looked that elegant whilst I work:)xo

  4. hi Linda, I like the 3rd and 4th photo.. artsy, has a simple feel, and a nice creative corner! ;)
    hugs, from Jenn
    p.s. this is my new heart home.. I used to be at
    transferring over to the real girly side!

    take care, I enjoy following your site.


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