Tuesday, August 10

Lost For Words.... Book Sculptures

So, if you've read a few posts here and there on this blog you probably know that I've 'gotta thing' for owls, butterflies, books, and trees (among other things).

Imagine then, my utter amazement when I came across the magical work of Su Blackwell via Papaya a few days ago.


These are book-cut sculptures..... and as I really don't have the vocab to describe how much these fascinate me, and how much they sing to my heart..... I'll show you some pictures instead.

You can see many more of these deliriously good works of art in Su Blackwell's fascinating portfolio.

I'm not sure which is my favourite, but I do know if I had one in my home it would receive an almost reverent look and sigh of contentment whenever I walked past it....... a connection to things I love via a medium I love.

Linda. xox

More - I also have a 'thing for maps and globes'...... and here's some great photos to show various ways to incorporate them into your home's design.



  1. Oh my goodness, they are truely amazing!

  2. These are truly amazing!!! I love paper art. If I had to choose one I really would be in trouble, they're all so beautiful!!
    I also like the videos you've put on the sidebar: the baby makes me laugh too and the cat...I always play hide and seek like that with my cats, it's fun. It's true pets are fun to have around, whenever I have a bad day, just playing with them for five minutes cheers me up. Pets and laughs are a miracle cure to everything.
    Have a great day!!

  3. love book arts! my fave is the last one, totally alice in the wonderland style! thanks for sharing this! ;)

  4. wow! i am speechless - these are all absolutely amazing works of art! thank you so much for sharing :) xoxo - julie

  5. These are amazing. So whimsical and somewhat mysterious. Have a happy week. x

  6. Glad you all enjoyed them!!!

    Bobbi - thanks for your lovely comments about my little side bar additions. I thought the baby laughing was an absolute scream. I was searching for a laughter video to put up, and when I found that one I was 'sold'! Then I went looking for a playful cat video and found that one. The cat is like a super stalker - I thought he was hilarious.

    Linda. :)


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Linda. xx

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