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Re-visiting An Old Obsession (Gypsy Caravans), And The Story Of My Birth!

I've long been more than just a little in love with the Gypsy culture and their mystical, magical, other wordly vibe.

Quite a few of my favourite books involve Gypsy characters, but one in particular is Mulengro by Charles De Lint (an author of lilting words and worlds within worlds).

Thanks to a great post over at my favourite forum the other day.... I got drawn back into searching around for gorgeous Gypsy caravans and their modern day colourful interiors.

Here's some to look at....

Now, I can soooooo imagine having one of these in my back yard filled with all my treasures and my old book 'friends' on the shelf. I'd be happy to laze in there all day, cocooned in a world of colour, joy, peace, contentment, and sentimental bits and bobs.

I've always loved nooks and little places to 'hole up' and spend time with myself.


..... from the moment I was born.

My mum was only re-telling me the story of my birth last weekend....

.... her water broke, she went into labour, and of course to the hospital. After time went by, it got to the part where I was crowning and about to 'pop out' (or so it seemed).

But, at that crucial moment, I decided 'NOPE, don't like it out here', and proceeded to disappear back up the way I'd come. At this point, the doctor (the family doctor for years) decided to 'let me be', and sent my mum home again with her determined little bundle stubbornly refusing to come out.

Well, 2 weeks later, yep... 2 weeks, I was born. They probably wouldn't let that happen now-a-days I'm guessing, as going without any protection around the baby for 2 weeks would be a bit 'scary' for most. But, this older doctor told mum to be careful with her 'determined baby' and they waited me out! (When I finally came out he told my mum he was sure I'd had my eyebrows done the first time I briefly popped my head out a bit, as they were the most distinctive, beautifully shaped eyebrows he'd ever seen on a baby - lol.)

So, I loved that nice, warm, cocooning space alot obviously, and I wasn't coming out on anyone's terms but my own.

Then, when I was still little and playing in my playpen, unlike most kids who can't wait to get out, I used to cry if someone lifted me out of the playpen or lifted it away from me.

It was my very own place in the world.

And I revelled in the security and 'me-ness' of it.

As the years progressed I had many and varied hidey holes, cubby's and secret places. And, my own room was always a place I was happy to spend hour upon hour occupying myself with drawing, reading, dancing, and creating multitudes of crafty things.

And, I've always LOVED stories with cosy rooms, secret places, and magical spots where no-one else can find you.

I think that's partly where my love for trees comes from too..... I used to climb them and spend hours enveloped in their green leafy protection. I'd read up there, eat up there, and 'spy' on people - lol.

And, walking through a stand of pine trees gives me that same feeling I love of being surrounded by a cloak of protection and security... a calm, solid, centred feeling.

Now, as a grown up (well, I 'look' all growed up!), my love for my own little corner of the world is immense. My home makes a profound difference to the way my life unfolds and my day unravels. It's my security blanket I guess, the one spot I KNOW, for sure, I'll always be able to find peace and a measure of inner contentment. It nurtures me, supports me, and cheers me on.

When it comes down to it, it seems a lot of the grown up I am today was implanted from the moment I became 'me' before I was born. Interesting to hear what the 'nature vs nurture' debaters would think about that!

Which leads me, in a round-a-bout way, back to my fascination with Gypsy caravans.....

Given my 'in-born' instincts regarding my surroundings, my intense feeling of connection with them would seem inevitable.

Little places of magic and solace.

Vibrant sources of energy, renewal, and replenishment.

Soul soothing and symbolically protective.

I'd love one to call my own.

What about you?

What is it about 'you' that's always been, and always will be?

And, how can you translate that 'me-ness' of yours into your interiors and your home?

Linda. xox

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  1. ohh I'm totally with you on this one. I used to go to school with a girl form the circus and with a gipsy and I was always visiting their caravans, it was sooo fascinating to me. I had a place to hide in everyhouse we had as a child, and still now, my studio is the smallest room in the house. Even though I'd need more space and I could actually move it to the bedroom, wich I use only to sleep in, I like it small and cozy. But the one thing that has always been "me" is my love for animals and books: my first word wasn't "mum", was "micio" (kitty) and I read books to myself before I could even talk properly. And water...I was swimming by the time I was 9 months and I still do...
    Great post!!!

  2. Books for me too definitely..... and I LOVE the fact that your first word was 'micio'!! I've never really been a swimmer.... you were a real 'water baby'!

    Thanks for your great comment Bobbi. :)

    Linda. xox

  3. hehehe...that's such a great birth story!!
    It's funny I was talking about a similar topic on another blog - caravan's that is. Between grade 2 and grade 8 I lived in a caravan. No power and no phone, while Dad changed house plan after house plan. It never happened we ended up moving to town. Our caravan wasn't anywhere near as lush as the ones you've found but what I do remember about it was the cosiness of an evening. Gas and kerosene lanterns burning and all of us together talking, reading, drawing. Of course as soon as the sun rose I was off, running a muck in the bush or playing with the goats. When we did move the folks bought a very big old house and none of us ever got used to it. We each had our own spacious bedrooms but ended up taking it in turns to share with each other. I love large open plan. but really I probably feel best in a smaller space:) xo

  4. that is so cool!

    hm... let me think-
    well, from a very young age- about 4 i carried around a tape recorder with me and sang into it. and interviewed my friends and family. i still love playing with recordings...

    i love to read b/c i remember before i could read and i'd watch mom read in her chair and it looked so cozy and like something i'd like to know how to do. and i DO now!

  5. My mom was very jealous of my first word. VERY jealous. Poor mommy.

    Nerine!!! You lived in a caravan!! How lucky!!

  6. Nerine, it sounds like you have very fond memories of your caravaning even though it wasn't as luxurious as it could have been! I've always loved the word cozy.... I named my first home cozhaven because it was cozy (hence the 'coz' bit) and it was my haven away from everything. It was only a small place, but boy did I love it!

    Kerry, seems as though you were born to do what you do! I loved your music when I listened to it the other day over on your site. It's so interesting to me that some people seem to be set on a path even before they know it. Even if you don't end up following it for a career, it's still inside you waiting to come out.

    Bobbi, I bet your mum was horrified!! You must have been one smart cookie though. :)

    Linda. xox :)

  7. What a great post! You reminded me of some things...about the tree limb all of the neighborhood kids sat on...the fireplace in our new home that was my art studio and how I made a home under Mama's sewing machine. Cozy places are still for me!

  8. Those photos are just gorgeous! I'd be blissful in any one of them!

    The story of your birth was a funny to be cozy and secure, eh ;-)


  9. I think we could be soul friends lol cept the coming 2 weeks later

  10. I totally agree. I having my lil' places to cozy up in and write my poetry. And I love boho/gypsy rooms, they're just warm and inviting for a place to be alone and just be.

  11. My daughter and I have always loved cozy places to hide and read we would make forts in our house and watch movies. Flash forward she is now 26 and married their 3rd anniversary was this week and I cried when I saw what she had stayed up half the night to do. She built a beautiful fort for her and her hubby in the living room and put their laptop and movies in it with a note that said "you,me, fort" :). I hope they never grow up to where things like that aren't special and wonderful ways to be together.

  12. I think you are my soul friend.Same feelings i always have...

  13. I am building a bow top caravan and I,m not a gypsy so it isn't a gypsy van cheers Iggle

  14. Ooof that's so beautiful.....thanks!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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