Wednesday, August 18

Butterflies Made From Maps........ Wow!


.... I've 'gotta thing' for butterflies, and I've 'gotta thing' for maps.

So, when I came across these today.... two personal fascinations collided with glee! Two of my most favourite things combined into one - magnificent!

Oh how I'd love some of these to put on my wall. They're not cheap though..... ranging between 200 and 500 pounds each. I wonder if I could do something similar myself with some old maps and my scrapbooking templates or tools? Hmmmmmm....

The name of the wondrous people who make these treasures is 'Image Surgery'. Gotta love that in itself.

The first butterfly, above, is made from an original vintage street map of Rome.

The butterflies below are made from original vintage street plans of Rome and London, and geological surveys from Australia and Africa.

The gorgeous butterfly above is made from an original vintage map showing the River Severn Estuary northeast of Chepstow, including the towns of Hewelsfield, Woolaston, Purton and Sharpness.

You can see more butterflies made from things like lunar charts, celestial charts, and different maps at Image Surgery's fab website.

What a stunning way to bring two things I love most into my home environment in a simple, yet eye-catching way.

Do you like them?

Linda. xox

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  1. These are really cute. Love the fact they are in a frame with no back like in a collection with real butterflies, but so glad they're not real. Those collections are dreadful.

    i tagged you in a little award over at my stupid blog, hope you don't mind...

  2. What a great idea! I LOVE!


  3. those are cool- i've recently begun to "have a thang" for butterflies too!

    i think you should try to make your own map butterflies!!! good luck and have fun!

  4. Some people are just so talented. Wow.

  5. Hey Linda thanks for visiting over at Sweet BIrdy Love. It was lovely to hear from you. I am in NE Vic. about 25 mins out of Wodonga, out in the country, just gorgeous. Its been pretty Wintery here and I love the cold but Ballarat is in a whole new zone when it comes to Winter.
    Perhaps we should a crafty bloggers get together some where in the middle of Vic. before it gets too hot! I don't do Summer too well once the temp. starts climbing into the high 30's. We've had a great Winter rain wise which has been fantastic, looking forward to Spring.
    Looooooove the Butterflies you discovered, they look wonderful. Someone certainly had a steady hand to cut them out. Shall pop over to Image Surgery to check them out.
    Hope you have a great day and the sun shines a little warmth in your direction.
    Catch you another time,
    Claire X

  6. Hi Bobbi!! Of course not! Thanks so much. :) I'll have to get to the questions on the weekend. So glad you got given the award to pass on. You really deserve it for your wonderful blog. :)

    Claire, I think a bloggers' catch up would be amazing! Is there such a thing?... a Victorian bloggers' catch-up? I seem to have been finding more Aussie and Vic bloggers in particular lately which is fantastic.

    And yep, Winter in Ballarat is a whole new ball game. Although, I don't think it's as bad as some think it is..... if the wind stays away it's pretty bearable. But, if the wind chill factor kicks in it's horrible.

    Linda. xox


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