Friday, July 16

The Gratitude Dance....

This is the pictorial story of 'Matt', who travelled the world and danced his way from country to country with gratitude. Now affectionately known as the 'Gratitude Dude!'.

As I was watching, I noted that some of the adults and children dancing with him lived in the most impoverished, desolate, and scary places...... and yet they danced..... and smiled.... and laughed.... and had a moment of fun.

Reminds me to be grateful for the little things I have in my own life.

Things some of these people will never see, use, or even know exist.

I've decided I'm going to start a section on this blog called Gratitude Notes. In it, every now and again, I'll post about what I'm grateful for.

An attitude of gratitude is well known for making us feel happier, more productive, and more content. It helps those of us who are 'the glass half empty types' to remember that no matter what we have in our glass, it's more than others may have... and we are lucky.

Today I am grateful for (among other things), the great heater in my car. It's cold here at the moment.

What are you grateful for today?

Let's sprinkle around a little 'attitude of gratitude' amongst ourselves!

Linda. xox



  1. Great post and great guy.
    I always say "thank you" out loud to whoever there is up in the sky whenever something nice happens, no matter how small. I don't have a religion I practice regularly ( I've been into budhhism for more than 15 years now, but I'm discontinuous), but I say thanks to my life. I was lucky enough to be born "on the right side of the planet" and I really feel silly when I get mad over stupid things like a broken washing machine. A lot of people not only don't have a washing machine, but they don't have enough water. And if they did they wouldn't have clothes to wash. So...
    Today I'm grateful for my old house, so fresh inside even if outside there is 114,8...
    Sorry for this long comment, but this is a subject I really care about

  2. That's a great idea! Mmm...first up I am now and always grateful for my family and friends, including my online buddies! :) xo

  3. Bobbi I so agree with you about the being born on the right side of the planet comment. Purely by the luck of being born where I was, my life is SO very different to the lives of many others, and I have so many more opportunities to make it different if I choose. I try hard to remember how lucky I am when something little goes wrong. And, you can make a long comment any time!!!!!! I love hearing people's thoughts and ideas. :)

    I'm grateful for my online buddies to Nerine, it's amazing how grateful you can feel towards people you have never met. :)

    Linda. xox


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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