Saturday, July 17

Can You Believe This Sophisticated Nursery I Found On 'The House Of Turquoise'?

Saw this amazing nursery today over at Erin's stunning blog The House Of Turquoise (via Stylebeat), and just had to share.

I'm gobsmacked by the sophistication of this nursery. Love the framed alphabet on the wall, the beautifully patterned fabrics, the colours, the beautiful artwork, the stylish objects...... oh boy! What about the very sleek changing bed under the very grown up touch of the starburst mirrors!

Take a trip to Erin's and see heaps more amazing photos of this room and others by the same designer.

Linda. xox



  1. Simply stunning. I love everything about it, even if I don't see a baby in it. I mean can you imagine a toddler running around in that room? Maybe they're moving the kid to a more toddler friendly room when the baby starts to walk, they look like they have plenty of rooms...
    I would stay in that room for sure.
    still very hot here. Today I am grateful for my silly plastic pool.

  2. wow. i want to be that baby!!!

  3. hehe..I was wondering what a cot was doing in the living room. It is way sophistacated for sure:) xo


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