Friday, June 25

It's Easy To Make A Simple 'Display of Affection'...

Look at this lovely little 'display of affection'!

How simple.... the birdcage, bird statue, and flowers all tie in with the wallpaper to create a gorgeous and oh-so-pretty display to catch the eye.

Ask yourself: 'What simple things have I got laying around that I could 'tie in' together as a little themed 'display of affection?'

Because: Charming displays like the one above provide a talking point, but also a way for you to interact with your home in a creative and fun way........ building a connection between yourself and the space in which you live.... ie. connecting 'heart and home'.

Linda. xox

More - How do you display the things you love? Get ideas from gorgeous 'displays of affection' like these.



  1. So pretty. Love the budgie and the wallpaper!
    Those cottages in the previous post are also incredibly enchanting. xo

  2. I have something like this: it's a silver cage with a silver bird inside and I keep it on a shelf next to my small collection of wooden cats. I love doing displays...

  3. Thanks Nerine! :)

    Bobbi, that sounds lovely. I bet my mum would love your wooden cats.... she has quite a few cat objects around her home. I gave her one statue after her much loved cat Monk passed away last year, and she has it where she can see it all the time.

    Linda. xox

  4. very pretty! Want that wallpaper!


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