Friday, June 25

A Weekend Wish - And, Some Weekend Wanderings....

This weekend, may you find somewhere peaceful to sit and gaze upon something beautiful.


Weekend Wanderings:

♥ Whilst browsing Tumblr a few days ago (so much good stuff to be had!), I came across 'Beautiful Portals'... such a wonderful idea and a lovely name.

For the description summarising her Tumblr the author writes....

You're here, and when you go through them, you're there.
They're beautiful, meaningful or just fun.
They're doors, roads, bridges, corridors, wardrobes, or event horizons.

They're portals.

Such an inspiring Tumblr to take a wander through..... some weekend delights for you!

♥ Plus.... if you LOVE decorating with maps like I do, take a look over here on this blog. There's a few unusual map ideas to take in. What about the map headboard on the bed?

♥ And, here's a wonderful idea for using old books you may be about to throw away or have inherited somehow..... I really like this little project! Please let me know if you try it!

Happy weekend everyone!

Linda. xox



  1. I don't have old book i want to throw away but the idea of that clock is adorable. And the picture you posted is Positano in south italy, one of the most encredible pplace in the world, and I swear i'm not saying this because it is in Italy.

    Have a great week end, I'm going to visit mom and old friends back in my home town!!

  2. Thanks for that info Bobbi! I thought it may have been the Greek Isles or somewhere like that! Can't believe you know it (and have been there??) Italy is sooooo beautiful, you must just love living there.

    Hope you have a magnificent weekend visiting everyone in your old home town - sounds marvellous!

    Linda. xox


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