Sunday, November 29

The Wonderful Workspace of Nest Pretty Things

Today I'd like to introduce you to the glorious studio of Tamar from Nest Pretty Things.

I found Nest Pretty Things via my Etsy newsletter, and spent ages browsing Tamar's Etsy shop and blog. She also has her own website/Big Cartel shop!

After reading the newsletter I gleaned that as well as creating and selling beautiful jewellery, accessories, and home decor, Tam is an interior designer whose home is eclectic, colourful, and very laid back.

On her Flickr page I found a string of delightful pics showing the space used to inspire and create all the magical things she sells (some of which I ordered just this week and can't wait to receive - thanks Tam for all your wonderful communication!)

I notice someone left the comment 'Such a wonderful shelf of goodness' under this photo on Flickr! How beautifully apt!

Tam's dining room is also part of her studio space!

And as gorgeous as the studio is, the rest of the house is simply divine!

Take a peek at Nest Pretty Thing's Flickr page (Nest Decorating) to continue this lovely journey.

Here's two of the many goodies I've just ordered from Tam's Etsy Shop.... I was struck by the gorgeous colours and patterns on the material of these lavender sachets!

Thanks so much for letting me share your beautiful workspace Tam. :)

Ask yourself: 'Is my workspace an inspiring and creative place to work? Does it get my artistic juices flowing? Does it stimulate my body and mind in the appropriate way? Am I able to think clearly and abundantly when I'm in there?'

Which leads to: 'What can I do to make my own workspace more supportive of the activities I undertake in there?'

Because: Our homes can be utilised as part of our 'cheerleading team'...... capable of nurturing, supporting, and pushing us on to bigger and better things.




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