Saturday, May 29

A Nice Shot Of Colour For You!

Here's a brilliant little collection of coloured vases and some vivacious pink to brighten your weekend!



3 More Brilliant Colour 'Shots':
A Bathroom To Make Mondays Easier
A Dreamy, Breezy, Fresh Bedroom...
The Exuberance and Happiness Of Yellow!! Pics To Lift Your Heart...



  1. Wow what a great space you have here. I have popped by from over at Kelly’s. I think I am going to find lots of inspiration here for the interior of the house we are building this year.

  2. Hi Kylie, so great to *meet* you and thank you for your kind words! I hope your house building goes well, it can be a stressful time.

    I loved the painting you posted about over at your blog. Look forward to seeing you at 'Kelly's'!!

    Linda. :)

  3. I adore the pink wallpaper!! And pink and green put together are so feminine and fresh. Love it.


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