Monday, May 31

Mi Casa Revista - A Dazzling House In Spain

Thanks to a fab post over at Handmade Evolution by Amy, I've discovered Mi Casa Revisita.

This discovery is utterly amazing, yet sucks at the same time, because this online site for the magazine Mi Casa Revista is full of glorious images..... but it's all written in Spanish!!


How I wish I could translate. Think I'd better give Google translate a whirl.

So whilst I've discovered this glorious home full of the most amazing light (people who've 'travelled' and come back to Australia always talk about the amazing 'light' in countries like Spain, and how it's so different to the light over here...... and now I think I believe them for real), I can't tell you anything about it because my ability to read Spanish is almost nil.

I do know the word 'casa' means 'HOME' though, as I once considered using it as part of a business name when my partner and I were talking about crafting our own furniture pieces.

Anyhow.... look at this stunning home full of fab furniture (keep your eye open for the armoire in the kitchen), beautiful objects, nice architectural details, brilliant splashes of colour, and the most astoundingly clear light.

What do you think?


All images from Mi Casa Revista here.



P.S: Stay tuned for a special announcement, an invitation, and a give-away tomorrow!

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And, in case you're in love with the pops of blue in the home above:
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  1. I'm half spanish and I have been there several times. Yes the light is amazing, especially in the south. You really should go if you have the chance, the colors, the light, the architecture and the interiors are so special...
    These are beautiful pictures, and thanks for the link!

  2. Oh you lucky thing!! I'm over 40, and never been out of Australia.... time I got my 'skates' on I think. There's so many places I'd love to see.

    And thanks so much for joining in and linking to the Manifesto page.

    As you're one of the first 5 to join, there's another link coming for you!!

    Linda. xxx

  3. You're very welcome. I'm almost 39, and I've been outside of Italy only because I'm lucky enough to have spanish and french origins, so I can travel on a very cheap budget, thanks to relatives here and there. Traveling is such a great thing!!

    Can't wait for the next link. And for your shop.

  4. Spanish and French, sounds so wonderful! My great, great grandfather was French (I think), my last name Ogier is quite French, so I'm told, but apparently originates from Guernsey (and is very common over there). There's only 2 Ogiers in my city of over 100,000, and that's mum and myself! It's not a common name over here.... but I've been told if I ever go travelling over there, there'll be beds on offer!

    My shop is only going to be teeny, selling a few handpicked items (various styles of one type of item actually, that I'm passionate about), but it will hopefully grow from its little beginnings!

    The next link should be up by the end of tomorrow! It's 10 o'clock at night here now, and it should be done well before that time tomorrow. Check the side-bar around then!

    Linda. xxx ;)

  5. A teeny shop it's fine. I'm tryng to open a small shop myself, we'll see...
    It's only me, so it's going to be economically challenging, but I'm ready. I'm so tired of making other people's shops successful, I want my own!!

    Good night!! ( I'm going to have post-dinner coffee, that's the time here)

  6. loving your finds from mi casa revista - so much beautiful blue here!

  7. Hi Amy! I wouldn't know Mi Casa Revista existed if it weren't for your lovely blog post the other day...... thanks! :)

    Linda. x

  8. That incredible collection of ceramics above the dining table makes me weak at the knees... what an inspiration!

  9. Hi Kelly!

    So nice to meet you. :) Just popped over and left a comment on your lovely blog. That painting of a puffin you posted is gorgeous - love him!



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