Monday, May 17

The Holiday I May Never Return From - Gatsby House!

I've always wanted to go and spend some time wandering around Ireland!

Perhaps if I do get to indulge my fantasy one day, I can go all out and stay here......

(Extract below is from the boutique holiday property website where I found this gorgeous home away from home) ...

Gatsby House

Gather your friends, gather your family and enjoy this brand new Irish classic. Gatsby House is a fabulous place to come and relax for a few days or even longer if you cannot, understandably, drag yourself way.

I think 'dragging myself away' would be a realistic way of describing what it would be like to leave this....

The Sitting Room

The Library

The Dining Room

And the Bedrooms/ensuites!

I think I'd need an incredibly loooonnnngggg holiday if I was staying somewhere like that!

Heck yeah!

All images from The Swell Group.




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