Tuesday, September 8

So You're Bowled Over By Blue - What Does That Mean?

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Are you in love with blue? Does it 'knock you for a six?' Bowl you over like a ten-pin?

And, what does it apparently MEAN if you're a blue lover?

Let's see what my favourite book about colour (Colors For Your Every Mood - Discover Your True Decorating Colours by Leatrice Eiseman) tells us about Blue.

To summarize...

If Blue Is Your Favourite Colour: Blue people are trusting and need to be trusted. Although cool and confident (or striving to be), blue lovers can be vulnerable. They form strong attachments and are sensitive to the needs of others. They are deeply hurt if their trust is betrayed.

They aspire to harmony, serenity, patience, peace, and perseverance. They prefer to stick to their own social circle of friends. Blue lovers think twice before they leap, and are generally conservative, even tempered and reliable.

Because of their highly developed sense of responsibility, blue personalities must be careful of becoming perfectionists who can become unrealistically demanding. Their gentleness however, always wins out.

If Blue Is Your Least Favourite Colour: People who dislike blue may be restless and feel a need to break away from monotony. Maybe they'd like to change their jobs, or long for more excitement. They may be tired of being depended on, but they're highly developed conscience generally makes them stick to it.

They may wish they were either more wealthy or brilliant (or both) because that would enable them to have all the good things in life without working so hard or being so conscientious. Deeper blues may mean sadness and melancholy to them.

Blue just gives them the blues!

What do you know?: Do you love blue?

What do you think?: Do you fit the blue profile?



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