Monday, April 26

The Charm, Persona, and Solidity of Beautiful Furniture...

Some homes just have that feel of being grounded, stable, supportive, and nurturing...... like an old friend who's always there.

Furniture can go a long way to creating the 'old friend' vibe and atmosphere - and wood is always a soothing and cocooning material to work with.

This house, for instance (found whilst spending a spare half hour browsing the lovely blog Two Ellie), resonates with an atmosphere of old world charm.

Somewhere to nestle in, snuggle up, hibernate, and dream.

For me, the furniture is the standout reason for the waves of warmth and care this home gives out.... imagine what it would be like to be there amongst it, 'feeling the presence' of the beautiful wood, running your fingers over the smooth surfaces and lovely curves - aahh.

The earthy colours and hints of mother nature throughout the home (wooden vase, animal prints and objects, flowers etc) help as well, but the furniture is the hero for me!

All images from the post 'Winter' over at Two Ellie.

Visit to see more pics of the home.

Ask yourself: 'Does my furniture contribute positively to the 'vibe' and 'atmosphere' within my home?'

Which leads to: 'Is the vibe created by my furniture a match for the 'feeling' I want my rooms to convey?'

Because: Furniture is such a huge element in any home, it's vital we don't overlook its importance in creating a certain vibe or feeling.



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