Monday, August 31

A Teeny Tiny Cottage's Retro Renovation...

Found this delightful video about Tina Spangler, an Etsian who relocated from an apartment in the 'Big Apple' to a small retro inspired cottage in the woods of upstate New York five years ago. (Photo by Luxton Lake via Etsy).

This tiny space is brimming with love, stories, and decorative inspiration. The pieces Tina's chosen have their own tales to tell, and she weaves them into a tapestry in sync with her own personality and style!

Design from the heart!

To read more about Tina and her adventure visit Etsy's Handmade Blog - There's No Place Like Here: Retro Renovation at Luxton Lake With Tina Spangler.

Love the linoleum rug!! My cat would do far less damage if I had one of those and the appropriate floor type to put it on! I also enjoyed the obvious delight Tina takes in how her home feels to her, and the stories her objects and paintings bring with them or evoke.

Ask yourself: 'Does my home surround me with objects, colours and design that makes me happy? Do any of my 'pieces' have a 'story' to tell?'

Which leads to: 'What am I doing about adding more 'me' to my home?'

Because: Your home is your own little corner of the world... the place you can most express, reveal, and wallow in the 'real' you! Items that're important to you can be passed down with their stories, taking a little bit of 'you' with them along the way. Your very own 'heirlooms' in the making.



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