Monday, October 12

Jay Jeffers - My New Designer 'Crush'!

I recently came across the work of Jay Jeffers again on Coco + Kelley, and I have to say I have a serious case of admiration for the man's style and flair with colour and pattern!

Here's a little taste of some of my favourites....

The Hamptons Showhouse: Jay joined 30 top interior designers in creating the 2006 House & Garden Hampton Showhouse.The area shown here is an enclosed porch featuring curvy, vintage 1930s and '40s French and Italian wrought iron furnishings, highlighted by bold florals and crisp sisals and linens. I just adore the colour palette.

Tradition With A Twist At Sonoma: Situated on a hilltop with truly spectacular views, this home in Sonoma is a grand getaway. The furnishings are an elegant mix of custom and antique furnishings, ranging from formal vignettes in the main living area to plush, relaxed settings in the sun room and sitting room. Throughout the home, bold, patterned textiles on upholstery, drapes and accessories create a graphic pop.

Such beautifully elegant and yet eclectic spaces.

And did you see the tree wallpaper in that last rooom? My 'thing' about trees and leaves makes this truly drool worthy!

All images from Jeffers Design Group.



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  1. Very soothing, different, and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I found the pics very soothing too! Somewhere I'd want to come home to and relax.

    Linda. :)


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