Wednesday, September 30

Introducing... 'Blog Of The Moment' - Inside Out.

Today I'm starting a new category on Heartfire At Home which will get added to when I find fabulous blogs that just have to be shared!

So I'm excited to introduce my very first 'Blog Of The Moment'...

Inside Out.

Have you seen the Inside Out Blog?

Whilst it's only been going since March this year, it's a wonderful addition to reading the Inside Out magazine off the shelf!

Always something to be eagerly anticipated and delightfully devoured, I can now get a dose in blog form as well.

Their tag line 'Inspiring Homes With Heart' cuts right to the core of my design philosophy!

Our homes are not stagnant entities.... I see them as living, breathing characters with heart and soul. A heart and soul that should align with your heart and soul.

Vibrate on your wavelength!

The Inside Out crew do an insightful job of collating delights, surprises, visual feasts, intriguing information, design ideas, beautiful interiors, shopping must haves, stunning artists and crafters, and general Inside Out desirables.

Look at these amazing works of art that are actually office memo blocks! They can be individually 'sliced apart' and used as post it notes.... gorgeous, colourful, and useful!

Featured on the Inside Out Blog, they're stocked by Third Drawer Down in Melbourne.

I'm constantly astounded by the beautiful things and innovative designs people like the Inside Out team reveal to us all. Thanks guys!

To discover more, visit the Inside Out blog today!



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  1. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the lovely blog post - so glad you are on the wavelength of the magazine!
    As you have seen, we have added you to our list of fine blogs, linked on
    Hope you keep enjoying the mag and our little patch of the web.
    Lee Tran
    PS Thanks also for your nice comment!

  2. Hi Lee Tran!

    So, SO excited about being added to your blog roll, thank you so much!! You're on my side bar too! :)

    I have loved your mag for ages and was really happy and excited to find your great blog a few months back!

    Thanks again!

    Linda. x :)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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