Monday, November 16

An Interesting Question - No. 5

Time for another interesting question!

Question Number Five:

What are the 3 pieces of furniture in your home you love the most? Why do you love them?

Gorgeous drop sided table and sofa bench with painted chairs!

Ok, now you've identified the pieces of furniture that mean the most to you, are they a feature in your home? Or, are they hidden away in a corner or a little seen room because you think they're a bit kitsch, a bit old, a bit shabby, a bit 'oh not trendy', the wrong colour, the wrong shape..... etc.... etc.

If you've got a favourite chair that's seen better days, can you re-upholster or recover it?

If you've got a piece of furniture with brilliant 'bones' but it's just the wrong colour, can you paint it? Don't be afraid to take a can of spray paint or some gloss paint and a brush to wooden furniture. Even metal furniture looks good with a coat of paint.... it's not only the walls that can benefit from a colour make-over!

If you think your fave piece of furniture doesn't pass muster because it's not a designer classic and you found it on sale at Target or Ikea...... ask yourself who you're decorating for.....

....yourself, or everybody else you think you 'should' be trying to impress. (Personally I love Target, and when I visit Melbourne I enjoy popping into Ikea and usually come away with a little treasure of some sort!)

Unusual T.V. stand! Great coffee table.

Your home isn't a showroom, a gallery, or a museum! It's a living, breathing, evolving space where the things you love are the things that'll bring you the most joy.

And it's YOUR space. So put the things you love front and centre where you'll appreciate them every day!

Go with what makes you HAPPY!

Ask yourself: 'Am I making the most of the furniture pieces I love and lavishing them with the attention they deserve?'

Which leads to: 'What can I do to feature my favourite pieces more?'

Because: Giving attention to the things you love the most is like learning to love yourself....... it's following what's best for you instead of slavishly copying what's best for others.



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