Tuesday, October 27

Hello..... Gorgeous Red Cabinet and Fab Furniture!

This room really 'had me at hello'!

Those who know me well know I can't survive without at least a little 'pop' of red somewhere in every room in my home.

Truly.... I've tried, and it just won't fly.

So this room made me intake a lovely big gulp of air! See that gorgeous red chinese cabinet reflected in the mirror (itself a stunning piece of design) - wow!

The red on the bed, the red cushions - perfect.

Not to mention the stunning wooden bed and the smaller black inlaid cabinet.

Hmmmm, if I could fit that bed into this little hideaway from earlier today, all would be right with the world!



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1 comment:

  1. Hi there! I´ve got the same thing with red! I always must have a little sparkle of red in the house...just for to catch the colour in the corner of my eye! It realy gives me that spark I need in my soul. I´ve got a red and white checkered dinnigroom cloth, a red throw in the livingroom and in the bedroom I´ve got to chinese painting with a hint of red in them. In the bathroom I´ve got lots of fluffy red towels and a lovely painting of red poppies....It brings everything just perfectly together!:) Love your piccies! The other day I found a lovely deep tomato red for one diningroom wall...check it out om my blog?:)


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