Monday, October 12

So You're Ga Ga About Green - What Does That Mean?

Are you ga ga about green? Is Nature's most plentiful colour the one you love the most? Does it find its way into your interiors or your wardrobe almost without thinking?

Let's see what my favourite book about colour (Colors For Your Every Mood - Discover Your True Decorating Colors by Leatrice Eiseman) tells us about people and the colour Green.

To summarize...

If Green Is Your Favourite Colour: Green people are usually stable and balanced types.... the good citizen, the concerned parent, the involved neighbour, the joiner of clubs and organizations. You are fastidious, kind and generous.

It's important for you to win the admiration of peers, and you are sensitive to doing the 'right' things. You're a caring companion, loyal friend, partner or lover, with a high moral sense.

You're intelligent and understand new concepts. You are less inclined to risk something than to do what is popular and conventional.

Green lovers often have big appetites for food, and their worst vice is that they have a tendency to gossip.

If Green Is Your Least Favourite Colour: Since lovers of green are usually very social, keeping-up-with-the-neighbours types, dislikers of green will often put those qualities down. You don't like thinking, looking, and doing things the way you see the majority of people thinking, looking, and doing them. Picnics and cocktail parties do not interest you in the least.

Remembering that snakes, lizards, dragons, and various other creepy-crawlies are green the question to ask is: 'Did something green and slithery frighten you as a child?'

What do you know?: Do you love green?

What do you think?: Do you fit the green profile?



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  1. Hi Linda,

    Green is my favourite colour. Although, I'm very fond of all the colours...Perhaps not brown so much. High school uniform put me right off...I should after all this time just get over it really :-)

  2. Hi Nerines!

    Lol - those childhood memories do come back to haunt us don't they!! Nice to *meet* you!

    Linda. :)


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