Sunday, October 11

A Working Meditation From Lori Giovannoni...

One of the books on my shelf I return to often is 'Success Redefined - Notes To A Working Woman' by Lori Giovannoni. I bought it nearly 20 years ago, and it's one of the best books for personal inspiration I own.

Here's an excerpt about the sort of work Lori says we should be doing.....


A Working Meditation:

'We each have work for which we are designed, work that we have been placed on this planet to accomplish.

Ask, pray, contemplate, and meditate on your work - what it is, what you want it to be:

... That I will have the courage to create work that fills my heart and nurtures my soul;

...That I will find satisfaction in the work I choose to do;

...That I will accept my limitations but elevate my work to my greatest ability;

...That I will consciously absorb each experience with grace;

...That I will use my unique talents in ways that bring me and those around me joy;

...That I will recognize and embrace the purpose in my work.'


I know what my 'work' is....

What's yours?

Ask yourself: 'What 'work' was I meant to do?'

Which leads to: 'Is this the work I am doing?'

Because: When we're able to do the work for which we were truly designed, our lives have so much more purpose, depth, and joy.



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