Friday, October 9

Look At These Alphabet Drawers In Solid Oak...An Investment Piece Of Furniture

I was re-reading one of my favourite books a few days ago, Sensual Home by Ilse Crawford, and I came across this passage of text...

'Spend more than you can afford on something that raises your spirits every time you see it, something you buy for instinctive reasons rather than rational ones. Then the rest of the furniture can take a back seat. You will always enjoy it - it's the 'sensible' buys you end up hating'.
And last night, I found these solid oak alphabet drawers on

Image from Lushlee via Kent and London.

Aren't they amazing! Now there's an investment piece of furniture. At 2,700 English pounds, they certainly aren't cheap. But boy, what a talking point.

What a beautiful, long lasting, quality 'heirloom in the making' furniture find.

I went over to Kent and London and found some more pics to share.

Last 3 images from Kent and London.

Inspired by vintage printing blocks, the chest of 26 drawers is made from solid oak - the perfect place to file everything from A-Z! What a stunning finish - gorgeous texture and grain.

And, I've always had a 'thing' about letters as part of decorating..... I love quotes written directly onto walls, wooden letters used as parts of display, those A and Z bookends you can get!

These alphabet drawers instinctively draw me to them.

I wish I had the budget for them!

Tell us:  Do you have a piece of furniture you probably couldn't afford but had to have anyway?

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  1. Oh Dear ! . My heart actually stopped at that first photo. Oh to have an elastic budget!

  2. I've never seen anything exactly like it. I love letters and numbers both in decorating, so it's working for me! Hope you have a good weekend...
    pk @ room remix

  3. Hi Jodie and PK! It's the 'text' thing that makes these so desirable isn't it?! I was like you Jodie, one look and I froze. Sigh.

    Linda. x

  4. I love this set of drawers. I wish I had it when I was a kid, but I'd still take it now! :)

  5. Linda,
    Thanks for the visit. I actually saw the interview with the GLEE stars, and yes the dark haired one started on broadway along side her father and brother. Mother is also involved too.
    What is interesting is the only one who didn't sing or dance ever before, is the star football player. He sent in a video of him playing the drums, to show that he could keep a beat. He had just done some small time acting in Canada. Then they asked him to audition. So he is really learning new things each week, and it looks so good! Our Jr.High School is now starting a Glee club.
    By the way I love this ABC drawer. Have to learn the jigsaw to make this one. Can't afford the big bucks. But I totally love it!!!!
    Keep it sweet,

  6. Agreed, they're lovely. I would get cold feet at that kind of price, though. In fact, I often get cold feet (at any price point) if it's something I love rather than something I need. Sad, but true! Happy Friday :)

  7. Hi Todd, Suzy and Struggler!

    Suzy, that is so great that your Jnr High is starting one up now! There are so many kids for whom the performing arts mean everything, and if they miss the chance to share their talent, or even find out they've got one it's a sad thing.

    I'm on a budget too Struggler, but I'd stand and drool over them in the shop if I saw them in real life..... if I was a millionaire they'd be in my room in a flash.

    For fun I just did the conversion to Australian Dollars and it would cost me $4,734 (which is less than I thought but still ridiculously out of my budget for a set of drawers!).

    $4,276 in US Dollars!

    Linda. :)

  8. That is just wonderful. Nothing like that at our place.

  9. I love that quote! Anything to excuse spending lol. I love these draws, think of all the little trinkets you could store! Thanks for the comment, I love your blog to! I can't wait to start BYW!!!


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