Saturday, September 5

You Had Me At Hello - Divine Dresser!

Not a lot to say about this other than - wow!

I love it. If I had a Christmas wish list this would be on it!

That plush, luxurious cherry red chair is helping to set off the hint of fuschia inlaid on the dresser, which could be swaying me even more (I'm a red girl through and through), but boy that dresser is n-i-c-e.

....'Scuse me while I go get a pen and paper to start my Christmas list....

Thanks to Color Sizzle for the photo.



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  1. I saw that picture on Color Sizzle and loved it too :-) I'll take everything in that room, not just the dresser!! :-)


  2. Hi Kelly! Have to agree, the whole room is lovely! Can't wait to read about your dogs' adventures on your newest blog! Your design blog ( for those who don't know it yet) is my new favourite place to visit!

  3. Linda, thanks so much for checking out my two blog. I'm really enjoying your blog too :-)

    It's great to "meet" you :-)



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