Friday, August 21

Albert Einstein & The Australian Aborigines Had It Right!

Here's 3 quotes or sayings that make a lot of sense when designing.

I could hold forth on the issue of over-decorating, over-styling, and clutter for hours (soapbox anyone!), but I'll leave it to some people much wiser and/or older than me......

'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler'. Albert Einstein

'The more you know, the less you need'. Australian Aboriginal Saying

'Keep It Simple Stupid!' (The K.I.S.S. Principle) Not sure who said it first!

Ask yourself: Am I surrounded by things I either don't love, haven't used in more than a year, or don't attach any sentimental value to? (BE HONEST!) And, have I tried to include so many colours, objects, or design styles that my rooms have no purpose or focal point.

Which leads to: Ruthless and detached de-cluttering and simplification (if you're game). If you don't love it, feel sentimental about it, or use it.... GET RID OF IT!

Because: A cluttered house (whether it's things, colours, or design that's overdone) leads to a cluttered mind.

Or put even more succinctly: Think of over decorating like over-eating or over-drinking....

...It makes you feel sick and gives you a headache.



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