Saturday, August 22

So You Rave About Red - What Does That Mean?

This post is dear to my heart - for I'm a 'red' girl! I have dashes of red all through my living spaces... little round red rugs, red glass vases, red lamp shades, red objects, red flowers... sigh.

But, what's the inside scoop on red? What does it apparently MEAN if you're a red lover?

Let's see what my favourite book about colour (Colors For Your Every Mood - Discover Your True Decorating Colours by Leatrice Eiseman) tells me about Red.

To summarize...

If Red Is Your Favourite Colour:
Red lovers usually have a zest for life, and need to be involved and well informed. Because of its associations with fire, heat, blood, and danger, red is impossible to ignore - and so is the person who loves it!

They are passionate, extroverted, daring, impulsive, energetic, competitive, and aggressive.

They are exciting, optimistic and animated.

They enjoy being leaders.

Desire is a strong motivator as they hunger for the full experience of living! Routine drives them crazy. They can be moody, bossy, fickle and overbearing.

But what would the world be like without these exciting people?

If Red Is Your Least Favourite Colour:
As red is mainly linked with excitement and intense pursuits, a dislike of this hue could mean that its active intensity is too hot to handle for you at the moment.

Maybe you are bothered by the aggressiveness attached to red?

You might long for fulfillment but be afraid to get involved. People who are stressed out, exhausted, sick, or overwhelmed by problems generally turn to calmer colours for respite. Red is not a colour of peace and retreat.

What do you know?: Are you a red lover?

What do you think?: Do you see yourself in the words above?

I see some of me in there, but not all! Perhaps if I was the type who painted all my walls red and didn't use it as just an accent or accessory colour I'd fit the whole profile better!

To me it's a fun, happy, joyful, full of life colour that uplifts my mood and adds spice to my surroundings.



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