Saturday, August 22

An Eclectic, Yet Sophisticated and Sleek Kitchen To Die For!

Today whilst browsing Kim's Kitchen Remodel Blog, I noticed Kim had posted pictures of her new kitchen... and I think they're stunning!

No cookie cutter kitchen (as I noted she called her previous kitchen) for this gal anymore.

I love the dashes of colour in Kim's accessories - the reds, lime green, burnt orange. And, the rich dark wood contrasts beautifully with the white walls, floor, bench tops, and furniture.

There's also a lesson in shape here.... note the curve of the chairs, the rounded overhanging lights, the plump vases, the rounded white bench tops all juxtaposed against the very angular table and units. The other vases, ottoman, and teapots etc are all curvy whilst the the geometric rug packs a powerful punch.

And look at that contrasting floral curtain, citrine chair, and painted furniture in the background picking up on colours to create a flow from one room to the next.

Drop over to Kim's Blog and you can see the whole process - wall smashing and all - and compare the before and after pics!

Ask yourself: 'Do I have a 'cookie cutter kitchen?'

Which leads to: 'Is there somehow I can make my kitchen more 'me'?'

Because: Just 'coz the kitchen is a utility room it doesn't mean it has to get left behind in the personality stakes!! Go for what you love!



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  1. Thanks so much Linda for featuring my kitchen!!

  2. You're so welcome Kim! It's just such a delight to look at, and must be a pleasure to be in. Thanks for visiting!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

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Linda. xx

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