Thursday, August 20

Get Stuffed - The Scentual Way!!

Did you know?:

Romans stuffed their pillows with rose petals.

Dried leaves of Woodruff were placed between book pages in Georgian England.

The poet Schiller kept a desk drawer full of over-ripe apples.

George III couldn't sleep without his pillow full of hops.

Ask yourself: 'What's my favourite scent?'

Which leads to: 'Where/how am I using it in my home?'

Because: Unlike the other senses, smell channels directly into the brain's limbic system, home to memory, emotion, appetite, and imagination.
There is nothing like your favourite scent to evoke marvellous feelings, pleasant thoughts, and make you feel right at home!

'Smells are surer than sounds and sights to make the heartstrings crack.' Rudyard Kipling



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