Tuesday, October 1

I'm Having A Mid-Life Decorating Crisis

You know how much I like red - right?

Well.... lately, even though I still LURVE red, I find myself being drawn a lot more to more soothing and earthy colours like greys, greens, and various browns (although still with pops of beautiful, lovely colour!).

Plants too. I suddenly want a lot more plants around me.

Plus, not ever having been a lover of white walls, I seem to be noticing a certain gravitation towards them lately.

And, I've also always been one to cocoon myself in rooms that have lovely curtains to screen the light and make my rooms feel hidden away from the outside world in a sort of secret place of my own. A sort of dimly lit, mellow nest. Which I still adore...


I'm slowly but surely developing this feeling of wanting barer windows with more light streaming in during the day.

                                                                Image source - Emma's Blog

This has NEVER been me for as long as I can remember.

Even though I simply love being outside, especially anywhere near beautiful trees and forests, I've not been one for looking through my windows outside. I'm either out there enjoying it, or inside hibernating.

Now I want to throw the windows wide and let the world in!



And so, for whatever reason, I'm changing.

It may be just for now, or it might be a longer term thing. Who knows. Either way.........

COOL. :)

Linda. xox


  1. I'm changing too. I'm still a turquoise girl but I'm loving calmer colors as well. I always hated beige for example, but now I'm loving it! Still I wouldn't add anything beige in my house. I always loved white walls, but my place has to have colors. I love white walls in other's people houses, not mine.And, about windows, I was never the type to stare at the outside world until I came to live here at the cottage where there is actually something to look at outside my windows! Beautiful dawns and sunsets, the birds...yesterday while I was sipping my orange tea (newest obsession) a big fox passed running on the field in front of my garden!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. I agree about the beige!! And, I also think that even though I'm loving white everywhere at the moment, using it my own home would be a different thing! Your cottage sounds absolutely glorious - just astounding. How I wish I could sit sipping some tea and see a fox running across a field in front of my garden. Wow!!

    I'll have to try some orange tea!! I love lemon, and also peppermint, but I don't think I've ever had orange.

  3. It's interesting how our tastes evolve and sometimes even change quite drastically. I love these images you've shared - they're everything I'd love in a house. I never can resist beautiful white walls and wide open windows ... bringing the outside in through bare windows sounds rather wonderful (though I haven't been brave enough to do that at my own house ... yet).

  4. Nice interior designing and interior furnishing.

  5. This room is so fabulous, of course you've got to love it !


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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